Your fast-track for becoming a highly effective & innovative product manager

  • Structured Trainings in Product Management 

  • Direct operational support during daily work

  • Individual Mentoring & Coaching in Product Management

Do you feel the following pain points?

  • The Product Management Trainings on the market are not reflecting your daily work

  • You feel sometimes inefficient and ineffective during your daily work as a Product Manager

  • You are not satisfied with the level of innovation of your products 

  • You think you need more qualifications & certifcations to become a good Product Manager

Fazilitate offers different services to solve these problems

  • Find hidden talents

  • Analyse peoples potential to be fast-tracked as product owner/manager

  • Match talents better to your open position

  • Hire faster & better

Operational Support

  • Reduce onboarding cost

  • Fast-track talents into effective product managers

  • Reduce time-invest for beginners by 1-1 coaching

  • Get structured trainings in product management methods for the whole team

  • Deliver better products


Product Coaching

  • Development into product leadership role

  • 1-1 coaching & mentoring in product management and leadership skills

  • Empower your team to deliver more product innovations



My name is Zamina and I am the founder of fazilitate.
I needed to fast-track myself into the responsible role of a product manager and adapted shortly in different environments.

Today, I observe the market and I see a lack of resources everywhere.
My mission is to empower more people when breaking into Product Management and develop them into highly effective and innovative Leaders.

Therefore, I gathered and consolidated my knowledge from experiences in different jobs, several trainings, books and my mentors into one program:

your fast-track for becoming a highly effective and innovative product manager that companies are desperately looking for

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